Technical Information

The following information is provided to assist our clients in planning their performance. If further assistance or more information is required, please contact the theatre's Production & Technical Supervisor. 

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Arch: width:40ft./ height:18ft
Plaster. Line to U.S. wall: 34ft.
Plaster Line to D.S. apron lip: 6ft 2in
C.L to S.L. wall clear: 28ft.
C.L to S.R. wall clear: 33ft.
S.R. wing free ht: 42ft.
S.L. wing free ht: 42ft.
Stage floor to under grid : 42ft.

(See drawing.dwg)

(See Floorplan.jpg)

(See Profile.jpg)

Fly Information

Total set of lines: 33 (with counterweight)
Loading capacity: 500lbs
Length of pipe: 45ft.
Maximum flying height: 42ft.

Normal Line Allocations

Fly lines are normally allocated for proper stage masking. (See fly plan worksheet) Adjustments to normal hang should be discussed with the Technical Director at time of booking.

Stage Drapes

Main curtain: fly / bi-parting / colour-sangria velour
Mid traveller: fly / bi-parting / black velour
Rear traveller: fly / bi-parting / black velour
Legs: fly / black velour /10ft X 21ft
Ceiling borders: fly / black velour / 44ft X 10ft
Up Stage Cyclorama:  fly / White Leno Cloth / 44ft. X 21 ft
Mid Stage Cyclorama: fly / Grey Leno Cloth /44ft X 21ft.

Stage Floor

Masonite - (Black)


Screen: 24ft.w x 20ft.h with adjustable masking
Note: Aultsville Theatre does not provide projection equipment. Please contact the Technical Director about the use of projection equipment at the time of booking

Dressing Rooms

Star Room

Capacity: 2 People
Make-up table: 4 ft
Make-up mirrors with lights: 1
Electrical outlets: 1
Toilets: 1 private
Showers: 1 private
Sinks with mirrors: 1 in bathroom
Furniture: 1 coat rack, 2 chairs, full length mirror

Room 1

Capacity: 15 People
Make-up table: 23 ft
Make-up mirrors with lights: 9
Toilets: 1 private
Showers: 1 private
Sinks with mirrors: 3 (2 in main room, 1in bathroom)
Furniture: tables, full length mirror, 20 chairs
Running feet of racks: 30 ft

Room 2

Capacity: 25 People
Make-up table: 32 ft
Make-up mirrors with lights: 5
Toilets: 1 private
Showers: 1 private
Sinks with mirrors: 3 (2 in main room, 1 in bathroom)
Furniture: table, 15 Chairs
Running feet of racks: 12 ft

Green Room

Capacity: 25-50 People (depending on configuration)
Refrigerator, Microwave, 
Table for 8
Tour Managers desk,
2 sofas, 1 coffee table,
2 coat racks

Loading Dock

Location: Rear of theatre at stage level
Height clearance: Maximum height ground to ceiling 12ft 11 in
Dock deck: 48" above ground / maximum width 10ft - no leveling plate
Loading door: Maximum height 93in / Maximum width 63in (at crashbar), 69in max width above and below crash bar - Metal divider is removable

Orchestra Pit

Access to pit: auditorium
Pit width:15ft
Pit length: 32ft
Pit depth - stage to pit floor (open): 7ft 7in
Pit depth - stage to auditorium floor (closed): 40in
Musician accommodation: 15

Related Equipment


18 -Steel and Plywood 4ft X 8ft X 12in
12 - Steel and Plywood 4ft X 8ft X 40in


Steigerman 7ft Baby Grand (rental available through Aultsville Theatre Events Coordinator Only - )


Main Podium: height 47in / width 27.5in / depth 22.5in - Wood with microphone stand, shelf and storage space below.

Sound System

Main House Speakers

EAW LA-325 (pair) powered by 2 Crown XTi 2's (bi-amped)

Stage Monitors

2 - EV ZXL-12P (powered)
2 - EAW SM129Z powered by a QSC 302

Mixing Console

1DiGiCo SD9
1 - D rack 32 X 16
1 - D rack 32 X 8
 CAT5E digital snakes for D racks (various lengths to accomodate staging) including installed runs from mix positions to S.R. patch pannel

Playback Devices

Denon DN-D4500 Dual C D Player

Wireless Microphones

1 - Sennheiser EW 100 G2 Wireless (Lapel OR Hand held)


1 - Countryman Isomax 4-H-18 (Podium)
3 - Crown PCC-160
1 - Sennheiser E 609 - Silver
1 - Sennheiser E 902
4 - Sennheiser E904
4 - Sennhiser E914
2 - Sennhiser MD 421 U4
2 - Shure KSM32
8 - Shure SM-57  
10 - Shure SM-58
1 - Shure Beta 52A
1 - Shure Beta 91A Cardioide Cond
2 - Shure EZO-G hanging choir


6 - Radial JDI MK3 DI (passive)
4 - Radial J48 DI (active)
1 - Digiflex DSPDI

Input Locations

24 X 6 - S.R. patch panel to control room
2 - S. L. wing to S.R. patch
2 - S.R. wing to S.R. patch
6 - under stage lip to S.R. patch
8 - orchestra pit to S.R. patch
5 - house locations to control room

Intercom System

Clear Com

Lighting System

Control Console
ETC Ion (Win7) with 2 X 20 fader wing (6000 outputs)
Location: Control Room (located on third level above mezzanine)

ETC Net3 (sACN)
1 universe per each LX pipe Location
1 universe Deck level SR

ETC Sensor+
130 dimmers @ 2.4KW

(includes house hang instruments)

5 - ETC S4LED Luster2 (19deg ED)
15 - ETC S4LED Luster2 (50deg)
6 - ETC CS Spot LED (36degED)
22 - ETC CS Spot LED (26deg ED)
12 - ETC CS LED Pars
13 - ETC CS LED Linear2 (CYC)
7 - ETC CS LED Cyc

4 - ETC S4 @750W (10deg)
2 - ETC S4 @750W (19deg ED)
6 - ETC S4 @750W (25-50 zoom)
5 - ETC S4 Fresnells @ 750W
12 - Aultman Par64 Flood @ 1000W

Moving Lights
(includes house hang instruments)

10 - Elation Artiste DaVinci Moving spot
8 - Elation Fuse 350 Moving wash


Antari HZ-1000

Follow Spots
2 - Canto 1200 Luci della Ribalta (Strong) - located control room (third level above mezzanine)

Auxiliary Power Source
200 Amp - 3 phase, 120/208v Company Switch located off of Stage Right in workshop
(equipped with E1016 series cam lock connectors with ground and neutral reversed)
40 Amp stove plug: off of Stage Right in workshop
NOTE: Conditions apply to use of auxiliary power. Please consult at time of booking.

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