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The parking lot on site is operated by St. Lawrence College. Aultsville Theatre has use of the PAID PARKING lots on the St. Lawrence College Campus during Theatre activities and events. Parking is provided on a first-come, first served basis. Availability of a parking space is not guaranteed.

There are 4 parking lots situated around the St. Lawrence College Campus. (see map).

The main lobby and box office entrance is to the left (east) of St. Lawrence Drive under the pedestrian bridge. (see map).


Proof of paid parking must be displayed Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 8:30 pm. No exceptions.

Parking is FREE after 8:30 pm on Fridays, and on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday only). All other times require payment.



Daily Pay & Display Permit: $7.50/day, taxes included. Daily Pay & Display permits can be purchased at any of the dispensers located in the parking lots.

Coin Meter Parking Spaces: $1.50/hour. Available for visitors and short-term use.



There are accessible parking spaces available on site. While your Accessible Parking Permit allows you to park your vehicle in the designated Accessible spaces, a valid St. Lawrence College Parking Pay & Display Permit will still be required to park at the college.
Be advised that if you park your vehicle in the designated Accessible spaces, you must display your Accessible permit and St. Lawrence College parking permit to avoid parking infractions.


It is understood that some Theatre patrons may require a drop off / pick up close to the Theatre entrance. Both entry points into the Aultsville Hall building allow for easy pick up and drop off, however vehicles cannot be left unattended at entrances.


Please note:  Aultsville Theatre and St. Lawrence College assume no responsibility for any damage to a motor vehicle while it is driven or parked on College property. Drivers and pedestrians are to use on-site lots at their own risk.


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